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If your restaurant was damaged by the tornado that passed through Tuscaloosa on April 27th, please use the contact us page to let us know and we will give you a featured listing with a banner on the front page for the next year (if you plan to rebuild or relocate) for free. We know this doesn't compare to your loss, but it's what we can do.

Tuscaloosa Restaurant.com is a service provided to help you find the best dining locations and restaurants in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We encourage you and yours to support your local restaurateurs and feel free to do as we have done. Dine at a Tuscaloosa Restaurant.

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Current Editor's Pick

Editor's Pick Restaurant in Tuscalooosa
Ruan Thai, located on "the Strip" on University Blvd is a great addition to Tuscaloosa. I remember when the paper posted that Ruan Thai had real monks come in to bless the restaurant upon its opening. more...


Have you been wondering what some restaurant has on their menu? Now is your chance to find out. We are happy to introduce our new section to the site for Tuscaloosa restaurant menus. Just go HERE or the menu book below to view the menus.


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Hokkaido Japanese Steakhouse

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401

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Submit your favorite restaurant here. We will keep track of your votes for the best restaurants in Tuscaloosa. Make sure that you come back to vote for your favorite restaurant daily so that you can make sure that everybody knows about them.

Vote only once per day please.
The restaurant voting section was login only for 2008, 2009, and 2010. There were very few votes during this time. Example: 2010 only had 7 votes. Therefore, we've gone back to the non-login voting format. However, we do record and display non-personal information about each vote through the 'View Category Voting History' links at the top of a voting section and shown on each year's voting results. All voting is closely monitored.

Please don't spam our voting section!

We like it too much. Thank you and enjoy.
  • 2011 VOTING RESULTS 1st: Opus, 2nd: Evangeline's, 3rd: Kozy's
    This year: Opus, Evangeline's, and Kozy's were the top 3 restaurants by voting numbers. While Opus went out of business and did notmake it, Evangeline's and Kozy's are still around. So, get on out there and have a great mealtime experience at Evangeline's and Kozy's.
  • 2010 VOTING RESULTS 1st: Opus, 2nd: Evangeline's, 3rd: DePalma's Italian Cafe
    Congratulations to the best restaurants in Tuscaloosa.
  • 2009 VOTING RESULTS 1st: Kozy's, 2nd: Evangeline's, 3rd: Yazoo Courtyard Grille
    We'd like to toss out some big CONGRATS to this year's winners. I can tell you from experience that the 3 listed above really are some of Tuscaloosa's finest restaurants.
    Great Job Y'all!!!
  • 2008 VOTING RESULTS 1st: Evangeline's, 2nd: Kozy's, 3rd: The Globe
  • 2007 VOTING RESULTS 1st: Evangeline's, 2nd: Kozy's, 3rd: The Globe
  • 2006 VOTING RESULTS 1st: Kozy's, 2nd: Yazoo Courtyard Grille, 3rd: Pepito's Northport
  • 2005 VOTING RESULTS Cafe Venice, Pepito's Northport, The Globe (3-way tie for 1st)

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Archibald's (2)
China Bob (2)
DePalma's Italian Cafe (2)
Fifth and Main (2)
Hooligan's (2)
McAlister's Deli 15th St (2)
Red Lobster (2)
Taco Casa #6 (2)
Bama Belle Riverboat (1)
Big Al's Restaurant (1)

The current top 10 placing restaurants will be listed here.

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