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Yazoo Courtyard Grille, located just off the University of Alabama Campus off of Bryant Drive, is a spectacular local getaway. The courtyard dining is fantastic and reminiscent enough of courtyards in the French Quarter or Savannah that you'll feel as if you gone on holiday, at least for an evening.

After all of the rave reviews we have heard, the editors at Tuscaloosa Restaurant figured it was time we paid them a visit. It wasn't long before we were raving ourselves. Our server Kim was charming and informative. All of the recommendations were perfect. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and atmosphere.

Yazoo offers a well balanced menu with selections including center cut filets, Stuffed Chicken Florentine and Potato Crusted Grouper, to name a few. In addition, they have a nice assortment of appetizers all of which are delicious.

We plan on returning to Yazoo many more times in the future.
Best Restaurant Bets at Yazoo Courtyard Grille
Appetizer: Seared Tuna. Tuna can be tough to prepare just right, but Yazoo pulls it off nicely. Seared rare with a wasabi soy glaze, you won't want to pass this up.
Entrée: Stuffed Chicken Florentine. Chicken stuffed with baby spinach and feta with a tomato cream sauce. The "stuffing" is the best part of this dish.
Dessert: Fresh Fruit Pastry. Light and sweet. The perfect way to end a warm summer evening.

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