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Depalma's, located downtown on University Blvd, is a must stop for the traveler to Tuscaloosa (and for the locals). Depalma's feels cozy without being confined. It feels alive and intimate at the same time. Many memories have been made here, you'll want to be sure one of them is yours.

Depalma's has a wonderful little bar area for you to wait in until your table is called, and our editors enjoyed some refreshment and conversation before embarking on what was to be a lovely evening. Our server Jerrad was very helpful with his recommendations and descriptions and provided excellent service. The food is prepared in an open kitchen, so in case there is a lull in the evening you can watch as pizzas are spun in the air and the cooks dash back and forth to prepare whatever tasty selection you've picked from the menu. Our evening was well paced, relaxed and truly enjoyable.

The menu includes calzones, pizzas, an array of pasta dishes, steaks and much more. There is enough variety even for those not in the mood for Italian, but of course, who's not in the mood for Italian, especially when it's this good.
Best Restaurant Bets at DePalma's Italian Cafe
Appetizer: Spinach and Onion Breadsticks. The editors have been getting this one for years and have never been disappointed. It takes a little while for these to cook so be patient, it's worth it.
Entrée: Pasta Depalma. Angel hair pasta baked in a rosemary cream sauce with garlic, ricotta and oregano. Topping choices include, ham, chicken, Italian sausage or artichoke hearts. We recommend the the artichoke hearts, molto delizioso.
Dessert: Tiramisu. You may think we are taking the easy way out on this one considering it's an Italian restaurant but no, this is a truly wonderful dessert.

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