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Being a local restaurant doesnít always imply regional cuisine. Hokkaido Japanese Steak and Sushi Bar, located on 15th Street, is a good reason to stay in Tuscaloosa to enjoy some delicious Japanese fare.

While past visits to Hokkaido have always involved sitting at one of the hibachi grills, this last trip had a specific focus, the need for sushi. Donít get us wrong, the grill is the source of some really great food and of course some top notch entertainment, but sometimes itís all about the sushi. (Editorís side note: If going for a first time visit to Hokkaido, definitely sit at the grill. Itís incredibly entertaining and great fun for a date or a group.) This visit like all others included first-rate service and a terrific meal. The sushi was tasty, fresh and exactly what we have come to expect from one of our newest favorites.

Hokkaido (which is also the name of Japanís northernmost island) isnít just the home of good sushi. They also serve steaks, chicken, lobster and other dishes from the grill. Itís a great place for lunch or dinner and somewhere we plan on going back to very soon.

Best Restaurant Bets at Hokkaido Japanese Steakhouse
Appetizer: Coconut Shrimp. Large shrimp fried in a batter with shaved coconut perfectly pared with a sweet chili sauce. Good enough to be a meal in itself.
Entrťe: Maki Sushi. California roll and Kappa Maki for the beginner. Tekka Maki and the Spicy Tuna for sushi fan.
Dessert: Fried Ice Cream. Served over hot fudge and topped with caramel. Yummy.

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