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Manna Grocery & Deli, located on Mcfarland Blvd in the Meadowbrook Shopping Center, is a Tuscaloosa lunch time favorite. Manna is "deliciously different" just like the menu says, serving up a changing variety of tasty dishes.
Our editors try to get by there at least once a week. The most recent visit, like every visit, was terrific. The service is friendly and the food is wonderful. You're probably thinking, it's a deli, what's so great? The recipes these guys use are original, thoughtful and just plain good. Personally, I have never had one lunch there that I didn't enjoy, not one. Not to mention, being in a health food environment, you might get some,(gasp)nutrition? At lunch?! Yep and it tastes great too.
Best Restaurant Bets at Manna Grocery & Deli
Appetizer: Being a deli, Manna doesn't really serve "appetizers". They do however, serve salads and we're not talking just plain ol' iceberg here either. Don't forget to try the Goddess dressing!
Entrée: Southwest Chicken. This is usually served on Tuesdays. It's chicken smothered in BBQ sauce, cheese, beans and a few other delicious ingredients making it one of Manna's best.
Dessert: Bread pudding. Need I say more?

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