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The Maharaja of India located on 15th Street is definitely a personal favorite. There was a time when one would have to drive to Birmingham for Indian food, but no more. If you're a fan of Indian dishes you simply must make your way there. If you've never tried it, you're really in for a treat.
Maharaja of India has some of the best service in town. Our editors while familiar with some Indian dishes are always out to try something new. Our server is always helpful in describing their unique dishes or steering us towards a good choice. Many Indian dishes are spicy, so if you like to live on the milder side, ask your server for help. The atmosphere is crisp and colorful. The walls are adorned with images from India. The water pitchers and cups are a beautiful hand hammered copper and the air is filled the delicate aroma of Indian spices.
The menu has a good selection of choices from chicken to lamb to vegetarian and many others.
Best Restaurant Bets at Maharaja of India
Appetizer: Chicken 65. Boneless chunks of chicken marinated with spices and deep fried. Delicious.
Entrée: Palak Paneer. Cubes of fresh homemade cheese with spinach and fresh spices. Spicy and flavorful.
Dessert: This one's a tie. Gulab Jamun. A cheese delicacy in a cardamon-flavored syrup. Kheer. Cool rice pudding, creamy and light.

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