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Benkei Japanese Steakhouse

1223 McFarland Boulevard North East
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35406
Phone: (205) 759-5300

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Restaurant Reviews for Benkei Japanese Steakhouse

Not enough people working.

Dated:Tuesday February 23rd 2010 at 08:25:54 AM  
Reviewer: PNelson from Northport, Al with IP:
3 stars: Service
4 stars: Food
3 stars: Atmosphere
3 stars: Overall
Atmosphere is less than inviting, chairs completely uncomfortable. Food is most often good, usually get steak and shrimp. Shrimp sauce is excellent. The last 3 times we were there, there was only 1 waitress and 2 cooks (owner also working - mostly involved in adding many take-out orders for the cooks in addition to their cooking for 6 to 8 at their grill. The waitress and cooks are trying to serve 4 tables of 6 to 8 customers each so there is a long wait for a cook to come to our table. Waitress was pleasant but overworked with this number of people. This is in regard to week nights (Mon through Wed). Never asked if we needed anything else to drink, had to request ourselves. Automatically add gratuity to each check at tables of 6 or more, and they do not usually cook for less than 6 and it does not matter that your party is a party of 2 that just had to sit with another party of 4, etc. Gratuity should be at the discretion of the patrons.

Excellent Service, Excellent Food.

Dated:Monday August 18th 2008 at 06:05:47 PM  
Reviewer: Jeremy from Tuscaloosa, Alabama with IP:
5 stars: Service
5 stars: Food
4 stars: Atmosphere
5 stars: Overall
This is a very family oriented restaurant. Benkei has great somewhat traditional food, but slightly modified to appeal to American tastes. The service is fantastic. They have a large staff, considering the size of the restaurant, to make sure no one waits too long for their refills. The chefs are very entertaining and try to 'appeal to the crowd.' The restaurant has become very popular of late, however, and can sometimes become crowded. The biggest downside is they close for a couple of months in the summer time to go home and visit their families.

The Best Japanese Restaurant in Tuscaloosa/Northport

Dated:Sunday October 14th 2007 at 08:07:17 PM  
Reviewer: John from Tuscaloosa, Alabama with IP:
5 stars: Service
5 stars: Food
5 stars: Atmosphere
5 stars: Overall
I wish this restaurant were more popular. I eat Japanese at least twice a month, and this is by far the best Japanese restaurant in town in my opinion. The cooks are very amusing and friendly (one even comes by from another table to do a short magic show when they aren't very busy), the food is great, and it is rarely over-crowded. If you're going for your first time, I would recommend the steak and shrimp combo. You won't be disappointed.

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