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Mr. Bill's Country Kookin

2715 McFarland Boulevard
Northport, Alabama 35476
Phone: (205) 333-9312

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Restaurant Reviews for Mr. Bill's Country Kookin

My Review of Mr. Bill's

Dated:Monday March 24th 2008 at 03:18:06 PM  
Reviewer: Eric St. Clair from Tuscaloosa, AL with IP:
5 stars: Service
4 stars: Food
3 stars: Atmosphere
4 stars: Overall
Mr. Bills has ***edited*** atmosphere and food without the large crowds. In addition (and in my opinion), the sides that come on the meat and three are of a little higher quality than ***edited*** as well. Plus it's less of a hassle to get in there and you do not have to fight as many college students. Remember though, Mr. Bills is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

I found the service at Mr. Bills to be of great quality. My server was Mamie, former all-star server from City Cafe. She gave me a hug when I came in, called me honey and made sure my sweet tea glass was always full. I've had many things off their menu but what I tend to keep getting is their mashed potatoes and gravy, greens, string beans and peas. I've had a few of their meats but always lean to the chicken fried steak or fried chicken. I've never been disappointed.


1. Parking at lunch is kind of hard. While there are plenty of seats inside, your car will have a little trouble finding a resting place.

2. The Ranch dressing of Mr. Bill's restaurant is excellent. It's one of the best in town.


Dated:Friday March 16th 2007 at 07:48:36 PM  
Reviewer: Eating Our Way Thru Tuscaloosa from Northport, AL with IP:
4 stars: Service
4 stars: Food
3 stars: Atmosphere
4 stars: Overall
Okay, there is nothing fancy about this place. It almost looks like a school cafeteria. Still, the service is good, and so is the food. The food reminds me of what you might get if you went home for some of your mom's home cooking: a meat and three vegetables. You get to choose your vegetables, and some of them are not vegetables at all, but desserts, like banana pudding, which is my fiance's favorite.

The iced tea is very good, and the waitress keeps your glass filled. The prices are also reasonable. Only drawback: this place is not open on Sunday.

On the plus side, they are soon to begin offering whole pies and cakes for sale, reportedly to be homebaked by Mrs. Mr. Bill. Looking forward to going in to try some of those.

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