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Dreamland North

101 Bridge Avenue
Northport, Alabama 35476
Phone: (205) 343-6677

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Restaurant Reviews for Dreamland North

Best BBQ in Tuscaloosa

Dated:Wednesday January 27th 2010 at 11:26:29 AM  
Reviewer: Frank Mosley from Tuscaloosa Al. with IP:
4 stars: Service
5 stars: Food
4 stars: Atmosphere
4 stars: Overall
We had the ribs and a pork sandwich, their were geneorus portions. The service was quick and the waiter always had a smile, but the food was proballythe best I had ever had

Worst pork bbq sandwich

Dated:Tuesday February 24th 2009 at 05:26:28 PM  
Reviewer: Jim Sullivan from Amory,Ms with IP:
4 stars: Service
1 stars: Food
2 stars: Atmosphere
1 stars: Overall
The bad food stands out in my mind. We ordered the pork bbq sandwich.

It was charred, stale and loaded with chunks of fat. The server was nice

but did fall short in that we had to ask twice for the check.The restaurant

was very cold as if no heat had been turned on.The food was terrible.

Very Good

Dated:Friday August 18th 2006 at 01:29:26 AM  
Reviewer: Samantha from Tuscaloosa AL with IP:
4 stars: Service
5 stars: Food
3 stars: Atmosphere
4 stars: Overall
I live close enough to walk to this restaurant and do frquently. We usually go in a group and I have never heard any complaints from anyone. I usually get a chicken salad which is HUGE, but have tried the chicken sandwich (amazing), the ribs, the fries, and the banana pudding. All are very good, and have always been cooked well. I think the new dreamland is definately living up to it's name. Also, they have several TV's where you can watch sports and an outside area that is screened in. Very nice in summer or winter.

Bad food/High Price

Dated:Tuesday July 25th 2006 at 01:33:47 PM  
Reviewer: Jim from T-town, Alabama with IP:
3 stars: Service
2 stars: Food
3 stars: Atmosphere
3 stars: Overall
I've eaten here twice and both times the food was charred on the outside and not

done in the center. Do yourself a favor and go to the original.

Stick to the Original Shop

Dated:Sunday November 20th 2005 at 12:25:58 AM  
Reviewer: kim from Northport with IP:
2 stars: Service
1 stars: Food
2 stars: Atmosphere
2 stars: Overall
Ribs and chicken have come out slightly raw in the center. Food prices are too expensive for the serving size. The service is a bit below average. They seem nice but a little lost. Do yourself and your family a favor, stick to the original.

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