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Crimson Cafe International Coffee House

1301 University Boulevard
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401
Phone: (205) 750-0203

3 deleted reviews averaging 2.6667.

Restaurant Reviews for Crimson Cafe International Coffee House

Homemade Goodness!

Dated:Sunday October 30th 2011 at 09:43:45 PM  
Reviewer: Jason Burdell from Montgomery, Al with IP:
5 stars: Service
4 stars: Food
5 stars: Atmosphere
5 stars: Overall
I tried a breakfast quesadilla, and tried the homemade chipotle sauce they offered. It was delicious! Like an omelet in a tortilla. I came back for lunch and ate a sweet and spicy chicken pizza with their homemade sweet & spicy sauce. It was also fabulous. I'll be back the next time I'm in town to try some of their homemade honey mustard!

Most different Sandwich I've Ever Had

Dated:Wednesday February 4th 2009 at 01:18:38 PM  
Reviewer: Josh from Houston, Texas with IP:
3 stars: Service
5 stars: Food
5 stars: Atmosphere
5 stars: Overall
I ordered a Turkey & Swiss Melt. Not only was the meat and cheese perfectly hot and melty, but the bread had a thin buttery crispy layer on the outside. They give you a souffle of their "crack like" homemade honey mustard to dip it in and it is BAM!!! ... an explosion in your mouth.

I had to wait a bit but it was well worth it!!!!! Get some of this!!!!!!

Food is OK, service is NOT

Dated:Sunday September 21st 2008 at 07:59:39 AM  
Reviewer: Melissa from Tuscaloosa, AL with IP:
2 stars: Service
4 stars: Food
5 stars: Atmosphere
3 stars: Overall
First of all, I'd like to start out with a compliment. The atmosphere is good. The food is good, but I wouldn't go there if they didn't accept dining dollars. I wouldn't use my actual money to eat there. The staff does not seem to care that it takes forever, but sometimes I do get a friendly person. The kitchen looks really dirty also, and I've seen the kitchen staff use the same pair of gloves after touching something other than food. I've eaten here a few times, but I only recommend it for it's convenient location and the fact that they take dining dollars. This play would be great if they could speed up their service time! I would eat there much more often.

Wow!! What an experience

Dated:Saturday February 16th 2008 at 03:50:12 PM  
Reviewer: Tommy White from Tuscaloosa Al with IP:
5 stars: Service
5 stars: Food
5 stars: Atmosphere
5 stars: Overall
I love this place. The food is better than average quality for the strip, the atmosphere is great, the service is excellent. The food presentation was wonderful.

All the staff was friendly. plus, they take dining dollars! That makes me happy since I have to buy some from the University every semester. I am soo excited about their new value menus.

Waited 40 minutes for a chicken salad sandwich

Dated:Sunday September 2nd 2007 at 04:17:01 PM  
Reviewer: Virginia E. from Tuscaloosa, AL with IP:
1 stars: Service
2 stars: Food
3 stars: Atmosphere
1 stars: Overall
I have been going to Crimson Cafe from time to time since I moved to Tuscaloosa. The food has been ok (nothing espectacular) but the service has always been bad. The last drop was this past Sunday when waited for 40 (yes FORTY!!) minutes to get my order, which was simply a chicken salad sandwich. After 30 minutes of waiting I went to the counter to check on the order and the girl was extremely rude, acting as if nothing was wrong. Ten minutes after that, I get my order in a to-go box (my order was a "for here" order). Needless to say, the sandwich was ok: it wasn't bad but it wasn't great either.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is indeed really good; there is plenty of tables and the place has a charming decoration.

The problem with this place is that its location is great: on University Ave. accross from the Houndstooth. They will never run out of customers. They can be as rude as they want and they will always have people going there. So they donít need to try harder. Is such a pity that instead of trying to give a superior product, restaurants like this are happy with just getting by. Hopefully, all the new business coming to Tuscaloosa will be strong enough to force business like the Crimson Cafe to change and start using a customer satisfaction approach (after all, this is 2007 and that is the way all businesses should be run).

Great...IF you don't mind waiting 40 minutes for a sandwhich!

Dated:Sunday September 2nd 2007 at 02:02:39 PM  
Reviewer: Ann from Tuscaloosa, AL with IP:
2 stars: Service
4 stars: Food
3 stars: Atmosphere
2 stars: Overall
My first visit a few weeks ago to The Crimson Cafe was awful. Around 1 oclock I went in to get a sandwhich and did not recieve my sandwhich until about 2 oclock. The service was absolutely the slowest I have ever experienced.

Today I decided to give it a second chance and me and my boyfriend went in for lunch. I ordered a chicken salad sandwhich and he ordered a club grinder. Don't get me wrong the food was good, as long as you are willing to wait 35 minutes for a scoop of chicken salad on a slice of bread. Also I want to note that there were probably about 10 people in the restraunt when we ordered, so it was far from busy. I had to go to the pick up window and check on the food, while other restraunt workers walked around giving many annoyed customers dirty looks. Bottom line=good sandwiches but definetly not worth an hours wait.

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