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Rachelz Burger Shak

4419 Highway 43 N
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35473
Phone: (205) 339-8111

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Restaurant Reviews for Rachelz Burger Shak

Service was GREAT!

Dated:Friday October 1st 2010 at 09:39:29 AM  
Reviewer: Yolanda from tuscaloosa,al with IP:
5 stars: Service
5 stars: Food
5 stars: Atmosphere
5 stars: Overall
The service is by far the best. The first time I came there about 6 months ago, there was a lady maybe around 50ish, that was not pleasant, so instead of ordering, I left and went to Lee's Palace next door. My husband convinced me to go back, and a young man with dreads was at the register with a smile and was so eager to wait on us. Then the food came....the wings were delicious and so were those hand cut fries. The owner even came out to see if needed anything, wow. The prices were a little high though.

Great Real Burger

Dated:Tuesday March 24th 2009 at 06:43:03 PM  
Reviewer: Jordan from Tuscaloosa, Alabama with IP:
5 stars: Service
5 stars: Food
4 stars: Atmosphere
5 stars: Overall
Service was great asked multiple times if needed anything and told thanks for coming in upon exiting. Also, the burger was one of the best in town. Cant find a real hamburger many places, but Rachelz offers this. Only been once but it was very good. A little high(6.99 for fries and drink) but was worth it and compared to other restuarants it is equal if not less expensive. If looking for a burger try rachelz!

My Review of Rachel'z

Dated:Monday March 24th 2008 at 03:06:52 PM  
Reviewer: Eric St. Clair from Tuscaloosa, AL with IP:
5 stars: Service
5 stars: Food
3 stars: Atmosphere
5 stars: Overall
I went to Rachelz Burger Shak for lunch and I found a small, clean and inviting establishment with courteous service staff. No more than ten tables adorned the dining area and each table possessed bottles of the condiments typically found for burgers, namely ketchup and mustard. On the side wall were Orange Julius type dispensers of fruit punch, lemonade and there were two kettles of tea, sweet and unsweet. They also offer cans of soft drinks.

After glancing over the menu of around 20 burgers, wings and chicken fingers, I chose the Cajun burger. I have an affinity for spicy so I couldn't pass this one up. It had spices in the meat and had a delicious red Cajun sauce that got better with each bite. The hamburger patty was hand pressed from ground chuck, cooked well and didn't fail to please. As with all the burgers, the burger came with fries, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onions that were on the side. The only negative from this burger that I noticed was with the lettuce. It was not a single leaf but rather cut up salad style. The only down side of this is it has the tendency to fall out. Other than the cut of lettuce, this burger rocked and I would definitely go back again to try another one.

I had sweet tea with the burger and this stuff was some of the best tea I've had since I was 15 and worked at Pizza Etc. in my hometown of Centre. Using my internal sugar-o-calibrometer, I'd say that they use around 2 cups of sugar per gallon. Perfect. It's definitely in my top 3 sweet teas in Tuscaloosa.

Overall, I'd recommend Rachel'z Burger Shak to anyone that is a fan of burgers. There was a burger on the menu that is surely to please all types of palates. They even had a veggie burger.


* They had a wing sauce that caught my eye called napalm. It had a warning beside it that said "You'll be sorry." Tempting.

* They had a sandwich that I would call a BCC in the same manner of a BLT. It was Bacon, Cheese and Chicken Sandwich. I have to try this thing.

Great Burgers and Wings

Dated:Tuesday October 9th 2007 at 04:50:21 PM  
Reviewer: JJ from Northport with IP:
4 stars: Service
5 stars: Food
3 stars: Atmosphere
4 stars: Overall
Like a cross between Mugshots and Wings. The owner formerly worked for Wings and their wings taste very similar.

About 20 different style burgers to choose from. All come with fries and your choice of lemonaid, tea, or punch, all for around $6.99 or so.

Only thing that I do not like is the noise when it is crowded and the TV noise, echoing in the small space.

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