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The Brown Bag

9425 Jones Rd
Northport, Alabama 35473
Phone: (205) 333-0970

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Restaurant Reviews for The Brown Bag

My Review of the Brown Bag

Dated:Monday March 24th 2008 at 03:31:46 PM  
Reviewer: Eric St. Clair from Tuscaloosa, AL with IP:
5 stars: Service
5 stars: Food
4 stars: Atmosphere
5 stars: Overall
Nestled in between Highway 69 and Highway 43 in Northport is the Brown Bag Restaurant. It's a place that claims that they are high on quality and high on ratings. And from the lunch that I had there, I must agree.

The Brown Bag is a combination of a couple types of restaurants. I'd call it a cross between a bbq place and a soulfood - meat and three. From their menu, I had their BBQ Chicken, string beans and turnip greens with a side salad (ranch). The BBQ chicken was juicy and the BBQ sauce came on the side. It was a surprisingly good mustard based, spicy sauce. Normally, I'm not that big of a fan of mustard based BBQ sauces but this one was definitely one of the better ones I've had in town. The greens and beans were prepared normally as you'd expect from a soulfood type place. Their flavor wasn't directly out of the can as you'd expect from ***edited***. They put their own little twang to it. I enjoyed the food that I had.

The indoor decoration of the Brown Bag is not going to be winning any awards for their interior. But I found it to be a welcoming place. It has standalone tables and booths with a counter up front. When you get inside, go ahead and take a seat. It's a server/patron type place not an order at the front and then go wait for your food. The staff of the Brown Bag was a highlight of my trip. My server was a no-nonsense lady that did not offer much chit chat. As gruff as she was, I have to smile when I think about her. See below for what she told someone next to me when they ordered. The cash taker at the register was a genuinely sweet lady. A salt of the earth type that made me feel good with her smile and charm.

Overall, the Brown Bag was a positive experience and I'd recommend the 5-10 minute drive north of town to try it out. On future visits, I'll probably try the pan trout or the catfish as well as some of their other vegetables (fried okra).


1. They had moist towelettes in plastic gladware boxes on the tables

2. Napkins were in brown paper bags on the tables.

3. While I was there, one man at an adjacent table told a story to his counterpart regarding his previous visit. He said the server wouldn't let him get a burger because "they have good food in here."

the down to earth soulfood place in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dated:Monday December 31st 2007 at 05:59:09 PM  
Reviewer: roayal' johnson from tuscaloosa,al with IP:
5 stars: Service
5 stars: Food
5 stars: Atmosphere
5 stars: Overall
first time

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