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This page allows you to view Tuscaloosa restaurants by category. The categories are organized alphabetically except for the categories at the very top of the list (Alphabetical Listing and Local Listing and Delivery). Each has listed next to it the number of restaurants that are in that category.

The Alphabetical Listing of Tuscaloosa Restaurants is the listing of all restaurants that are listed on www.TuscaloosaRestaurant.com.

The Local Listing is for those dining establishments that can be considered local to Tuscaloosa. Chain restaurants are not considered to be "local" unless they started here.

Tuscaloosa Restaurants by Category

Alphabetical Listing   [183]
Local Listing   [129] Delivery Restaurants   [8]
American   [34] Bakery   [5]
Barbecue   [26] Breakfast   [9]
Buffet   [6] Casual Dining   [74]
Catfish   [12] Chinese   [11]
Coffee Shop   [12] Country Cooking   [4]
Deli   [19] Diner   [16]
Fine Dining   [7] Greek   [2]
Health Food   [2] Indian   [3]
Italian   [4] Japanese   [6]
Just For Kids   [2] Mediterranean   [2]
Mexican   [27] Pizza   [5]
Seafood   [16] Soul Food   [5]
Southwestern   [3] Sports   [6]
Steakhouse   [21] Sushi   [4]
Sweets   [7] Thai   [1]
Vietnamese   [1] Wings etc   [17]

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